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Helping you secure a complex, modern network

The complexity of modern networks can be difficult to understand and even more difficult to secure. Foundstone’s Network Security Services help you tackle this challenge with our team of expert network and system security engineers. From network penetration testing, phishing, and social engineering to configuration reviews and hardening standards, our team will evolve your network security maturity to new levels.

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Experts in reducing software risks early in the lifecycle

Today’s ecosystem makes it clear that your applications are not complete until they are secured. Foundstone’s Software Security team is comprised of expert application developers who understand commercial and enterprise application development. Our assessments, code reviews, and threat modeling services can guide your SSDLC practice along a positive path to maturity.

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Introducing methodologies to help you stay in compliance

“Am I secure?” is a difficult question to answer. Global organizations have a vast amount to consider when it comes to their security. Foundstone’s Program Development, Risk, and Compliance Services are delivered by our team of experts with experience in managing and implementing security programs at large organizations. From assessing risk and meeting complex compliance requirements, to developing the policies and procedures that serve as the foundation of your security program, we’ll help you take the security challenge head on.

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Your first responder for emergency security services

A major security incident can be an impactful event to your organization and these days it seems increasingly inevitable. Foundstone’s Incident Response and Forensics Services help ensure that you’re prepared in the case of an event and quickly identify malware on your network. In the event of outbreak or breach, our responders can be on the ground in no time to resolve the situation. When attackers are at your door, ensure you have an army on your side with Foundstone Services.

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Private, onsite training to keep you prepared

Staying on top of today’s growing security risks can be overwhelming, which is why McAfee Foundstone offers private, onsite training by its own internationally recognized experts in information security, risk management, and software development. Designed to save you time and reduce costs, each Foundstone training course provides the essentials around network protection, vulnerability management, risk mitigation techniques, and secure application development.

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Why Foundstone

Enterprises should never feel like they are on their own when it comes to protecting critical corporate digital assets — especially in an emergency. McAfee Foundstone is your first responder available to help you quickly identify a breach and remediate further damage. We are seasoned security consulting experts skilled at identifying network and application vulnerabilities, providing remediation recommendations, and helping organizations design iron-clad security programs and enforceable policies. Couple this prevention with security training from our industry-leading experts, and your organization will be well-prepared to combat emerging online threats and defend your valuable assets.

Free Security Tools

At McAfee, we are committed to helping increase enterprise security whether or not you use McAfee products or solutions. To foster a safer online experience for all, we offer a variety of penetration testing and digital forensics tools you may download for free to enhance your software development efforts. Simply click on one of the free tools listed and download it. For more details, read the McAfee Software Free Tools End User License Agreement.

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